3 Steps To Get Marketing Help Now

Marketing is a vast job that includes so many aspects such as content creation, blog writing, SEO optimization, and social media planning. Up until now, you have been juggling all these different tasks yourself, but is it becoming too much for you to juggle? Does your business need marketing help?

Do You Need Marketing Help?

If you are a solo entrepreneur, you’ve had to create and manage all the marketing tasks. It can be stressful to continue to come up with new ways to stand out from the crowd.

Marketing can be overwhelming. It’s okay if you don’t know what SEO stands for, don’t understand the algorithm, or if you hate making reels! That is where an agency can come in and help with allllll the marketing help you need.

We have created a quiz to help determine if your company could benefit from marketing help!

Some Signs You May Need a Marketing Agency

You know your company best, and it may be hard to let someone else take over marketing, but agencies can help take a bit off your plate. By letting agencies assist with marketing help, you can make more time for other parts of your business. Marketing agencies can take on any role your company needs. They can find new ways to help your company stand out from competitors, grow your customer base, and increase sales.

Sales Aren’t Increasing

You could have one of the best products or services on the market, but no one will know about it unless it’s being promoted effectively. Marketing is so important to show what your company does and how your company can help customers. Without effective marketing, your sales are not going to increase.

There are lots of agencies that offer a free consultation, so take them up on it! Have a chat with our Founder, Hope Mikal, in a free 30-minute call.

It’s Hard To Be Consistent

Oh, we know how this feels. You are already doing everything for your company including filming reels, writing blog posts, and sending out newsletters. There’s so much to do and it’s hard to stay on top of it all. Hand these tasks to an agency that will come up with fresh content, track analytics, and generate sales.

You Need More Advanced Marketing Skills

While a lot of marketing can be done without schooling, there is a whole layer that requires advanced knowledge. Want to optimize your site for mobile and make sure it is at the top of a Google page? Maybe you want to track all of your social media campaigns and know which performed the best and why? Do you want to add some code to the backend of your website? These are the ways that agencies can lend marketing help to your company. Why stress, just let a professional handle it!

You Find Marketing Tiring And Confusing

If you are getting tired of marketing or not understanding the best practices for your business, it is probably showing. Customers will start to notice if there are uninspired blogs, outdated landing pages, or inconsistent content. Leave the marketing work to an agency so that you can focus on your passion.

Next Steps To Get Marketing Help

1. Look Up Marketing Agencies In Your Area

Look up companies in your area or ones that work virtually and see what services they offer. See if they offer marketing help in the areas that your business could benefit.

2. Read Client Testimonials

It is always a good idea to review testimonials to see how clients feel about the company and get a sense of how the company helped them. It is always important to look at the positive and negative reviews and ensure you check the dates, so you know which are the most relevant issues or if the company got better over the years.

3. Book A Free Call With Our Founder

Have a chat with our Founder, Hope Mikal! In a free 30-minute call, discuss all your questions to see if Unicorn Marketing Co. is a good fit for your company and can provide you with the marketing help that you need. We have a sneaky suspicion that we can help you 🙂

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