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It isn't about the size of your logo, the colour choices, or how cool your swag is. 

Too often, the main message that you are sharing on social media or in your copy is not aligning with the finer details of your creative business. 

That's where a brand audit comes in.

instead, let's make your brand more meaningful.

too often we hear...
"can you make the logo bigger?"

you scroll through Instagram and find that your product/service blends right in

reviewing (or creating) social media graphics, emails, and creative assets feels like the worst chore

the joy you used to feel when working with your business is just not there

does this sound like you?

will your business
pass the vibe check?

book a brand audit

the issues you are currently struggling with are not content related... and are actually a result of
inconsistent storytelling.

put down your content calendar and step away very slowly... seriously...

the magical brand audit


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Once you open your final presentation of your brand audit and walkthrough video, you'll be screaming with excitement. Finally, you'll have the road map to feeling  confident in your business's messaging.

find out what makes your business truly magical

Taking a magic wand to your current branding strategy

Getting an introduction to your new best friend (yes, that's us!) 

Holding a road map to your brand's full potential


book a brand audit

Throughout our signature brand audit process, we will guide you to reflect inwards and find where you are right now with a comprehensive questionnaire. As our team works its designer magic backed by facts and research, you will receive a  20+ page document to take with you for the next phase:  high level re-alignment.

We are keeping this offer open at a one time service fee of $899 until the end of Spring 2024. 

Consider this your wake up call to start strategizing your creative business and
re-invent yourself to be better than ever. 

for a super limited time

book a brand audit

you can do it too.

if taylor swift can change her vibe a million times and still have her fans be excited for every new rendition of her music...



we've got answers

You've got questions?

do i need to be an existing client of yours to get started?

No, not at all! This offering is open to anyone and everyone who is looking for alignment in their creative business's brand strategy. We love working with small to medium sized businesses of all kinds, including: artists, makers, designers, slow fashion houses, cannabis shops, start-ups, and much, much more! If you have worked with us in the past, or at present, this next step only means we get to have more fun together! 

what is the turnaround time on a brand audit?
what is the turnaround time on a brand audit?

Once you book in using the form above, you can expect a completed brand audit within two weeks time. Our creative process involves an intro call and a comprehensive questionnaire for you to complete. Next, our team collates all of our research and data to finalize the brand audit, you'll receive a full presentation document with magical notes, and a followup video from our CEO/Founder, Hope Mikal. 

so i get a new brand and logo once this is done?
so i get a new brand and logo once this is done?

A brand audit is all about doing the deep dive into your business's storytelling and messaging. We'll do the heavy lifting (aka the creative brainstorming) during this process. Our job is to search for gaps in your industry, re-envision a magical space to move forward with. While you won't have a new logo or brand strategy finalized - not just yet - this roadmap can be handed off to another designer, or for our team to expand upon with a full branding package.

Consider this exercise as a great way to get to know each other, and feel incredibly comfortable with Unicorn Marketing Co. making even more magic for your business. 

how much does a brand audit cost?
how much does a brand audit cost?

Our Brand Audit is listed at $899 for a limited time.

Of course, we understand this all comes down to budgets and bottom lines. Branding overall is one of the most impactful pieces of your business. It's more than a logo, more than a colour palette - it's the way you communicate with your dream clients, what people think about when they scroll on your website, and the transformation people feel when they make a repeat purchase.

Our Brand Audit offering is carefully priced at a tiny percentage of what our full branding package costs. This exercise is truly meant to be used as a gateway into a deeper, more fulfilled branding experience with our team. Consider this step one of more magic to come! 

Let's do this!

are you ready for your business
to pass the vibe check?