Creating an Effective Vision Board for Your Business

Have you thought of trying a vision board before? It is a collage of images, pictures, and affirmations of a person’s goals, dreams, and desires. It is meant to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation. 

Today is National Vision Board Day! (January 14th) Yes, seriously. We got you a free gift of course. Tap here for your free digital template.

Why Make a Vision Board?

Vision boards can help people stay motivated and inspired. They enforce people’s visions and act as a reminder of what is important. Whether it is physical or virtual, there are many benefits of using one when starting a new business.

Benefits of a Vision Board

1. Brainstorm New Opportunities

Starting a business is a big deal, and most of the time, there is so much going on that you need to slow down and look at what is important. It is helpful to create a vision board and force yourself to think about what you are working towards. This will help you sort through the different directions that your business can go and help brainstorm the vital ones that make you most excited.

2. Create Clear Goals

It can be hard to clearly define your business goals, and a board can help you visually see what you want to achieve. As you start to build out your board and select images, you will start to notice the ones that excite you and that are most important. This will make it clear which goals you should work toward.

3. Find Inspiration

While starting a business is very exciting, it can also be stressful. We believe it’s important to find inspiration to keep you motivated. Having a business plan is very useful, though often not very exciting. A board is a great way for you to visualize inspiring images of the goals that you want to achieve. Re-ignite the passion and fire that is burning inside of you!

Create Your Own Vision Board

We’ve heard some of our clients have great success with saving their vision boards as their lock screen visual or even on their desktop backgrounds. You can print this out to keep on your fridge or in your office space.

We challenge you to keep this completed vision board somewhere you’ll see this every day to remind you of all of the fun, exciting goals that await you in 2023.

Download Our Template

Use our free Canva template to start a board of your own.

Access Horizontal Version of Vision Board

Access Vertical Version of Vision Board

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