Types of Social Media Content

Social media and social media content, while it can sometimes feel overwhelming, is also an amazing place to interact with customers in unique ways. There are so many ways to showcase your products and services on social platforms, whether you choose to film an informational video, post a beautiful high-quality product shot, or show your sense of humour with a meme. When communicating with your audience, it is important to use different types of social media content to reach customers in different ways. We will walk through a few vital forms of content that marketers should be utilizing.

Social Media Content

Let’s take a look at the main types of social media content. Each of these helps showcase your brand differently and add layers to your company. By utilizing these various types of content, you provide more value and information to customers. In return, it creates more brand loyalty and leads to more growth and return.

Types of Social Media Content


Images are part of almost every social media platform. This is an important way to give a person a quick glimpse into the brand. “A picture tells a thousand words” so make sure your photo encompasses the brand with the colours, style, and quality that you want associated with your business.


Video has become the most popular form of content over the last few years. Whether it is reels, TikTok videos, or a longer form of video on YouTube, video is here to stay. There can be so much information conveyed in a short 10 second video, and it is more likely to grab the attention of customers. As with images, make sure your video encompasses the brand with the colours, style, and quality that you want associated with your business.

Did you know? According to HubSpot, “91% of consumers want to see more online videos from brands.”

Categories of Social Media Content


This is one of the best forms of content that you can provide to your customers. Educating customers on products, services, benefits, or important causes provides so much value. This helps your customers trust your brand, build loyalty, and give them the sense that they are connected with the brand.


Depending on your brand, humour can be a great tool to engage with your audience. It can show them a little snapshot of your personality. This can be done using memes, photos, stories, or a variety of other formats that will make your target audience feel a sense of connection.


Share stories with your followers! Lots of times, brands push products on social media, but they do not let customers in behind the scenes. Sharing a story about how the company started, why you changed your branding, or how you picked producing one product over another are all ways that you give customers insight into you and the company. This insight builds a sense of community and makes people feel like they are part of something deeper.

Feedback and Questions

Whether you are asking your customers what they want, or are replying to feedback you have received, including your customers in your content is vital. Customers are more likely to engage with your brand and support it if they have contributed to company improvements including new products or services. Your community wants to share their ideas with you, so ask them!

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