Podcast | Ep 9 | Kathleen King

Collaboration Over Competition

In this episode of the Magic Hour Podcast, find out all about Kathleen King and her interesting businesses including food truck festivals and BC Shop Local. She started BC Shop Local with a simple idea that small businesses thrive when they work together. It’s all about bringing business owners together, building genuine connections, and creating an environment where they can learn from experts and fellow entrepreneurs. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Listen to Kat talk about the importance of supporting local businesses and how people can sometimes feel shame about shopping online
  • Learn all of the amazing BC Shop Local initiatives and how they benefit small businesses
  • Get Kat’s top tips for new business owners and how they can be successful
  • Find out all about the local gift guide that is out now – perfect for Christmas shopping!

Meet Our Magical Guest 

Kathleen King, BC Shop Local

Kat King, the founder of BC Shop Local, hails from Edmonton but found her calling in Vancouver after moving at 19. She’s a KPU grad with a degree in HR Management and has a real passion for community and collaboration. Kat’s life is a blend of entrepreneurial drive and family adventures with her husband and two kids. She started BC Shop Local with a simple but powerful idea: small businesses thrive when they work together.

For Kathleen, it’s all about creating a space where local entrepreneurs can shine and support each other, proving that collaboration truly does triumph over competition.

Connect with Kathleen!

Website: www.bcshoplocal.co and www.bcshoplocal.co/directory

Facebook: bcshoplocal

Instagram: bcshoplocal

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Support Local

BC is full of amazing locally run businesses that all offer unique products and services. Whether you are looking for a nice smelling soap, a tasty dessert, or a piece of art to hang up, you can find high quality products created right here in the province. Check out a few of Kathleen’s favourite companies that she loves to support!

Our Little Soap Co.


One of our founding market members, Our Little Soap Co has seen it all! Michelle has been around to help support other vendors at our events and welcomes everyone with open arms. If you’re looking for fresh, fun and unique bath and body products, Our Little Soap Co is a must-add to your shopping list.

That’s A Good Cookie


Cookies at a food truck festival are a perfect match! Tami has grown her local business over the years and her tasty cookies have been another staple at our events and markets since the beginning. With previous experience with large tech firms, Tami has been a helpful guide with amazing ideas on how to grow and support our BC Shop Local community. 

Beloved by Emily


Beloved is on a mission to help create healthy hair habits and products for her customers. Emily’s reputation for her beautiful handmade scrunchies is well-known in our community. You’ll be able to see for yourself at some of of 2024 BC Shop Local in-person markets.

Drooler Treats


Drooler Treats holds a special place in my heart. The company founders, Chandani & Ganika set out on a mission to provide healthy and nutritious treats for their dog Auggy and others like him. Drooler Treats joined our markets in 2020 during the pandemic as two young female entrepreneurs with the drive to make an impact. Four years later you can find them in pet food stores across BC or shop direct through their Shopify store.

AMLiora Designs


AmLiora Designs embodies one of my favourite qualities in local and small businesses, the beautiful uniqueness of each product as a result of the creative energy put into the process. Liora creates stunning resin designs including jewellery, art, and home decor using hand-pressed wildflowers from BC. AMLiora is also part of the rise in passionate pandemic businesses.

Find find more incredible local businesses in the BC Shop Local directory!

Local Gift Guide: Out Now!

The local gift guide is now live! Browse through the gift guide today and start making your Christmas list!

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