Podcast | Ep 8 | Cecile Tucker

Mental Health is the Health of our Thoughts and of our Mind

In this episode of the Magic Hour Podcast, find out all about Cecile Tucker and her journey of becoming a counsellor. Cecile talks about how she thinks social media can be a positive and helpful tool in counselling and how her account gained traction.

Episode Highlights:

  • Learn how Cecile developed her passion for counselling
  • What trauma really looks like and how it is different for every person
  • How Cecile was able to create a space for sharing mental health tips and information on social media

Meet Our Magical Guest 

Cecile Tucker, Clinical Counsellor and Supervisor

Magic Hour Podcast episode 4 with Cecile Tucker

Cecile is a small business owner, counsellor, counselling supervisor, content creator and most importantly a human going through the human experience! She focuses her counselling practice on helping folks identify and heal from childhood trauma, for an anti-oppressive lens. She runs a small counselling agency made up of other trauma therapists as well as master’s level students who are finishing their counselling degrees. 

Connect with Cecile!

Website: wellmind.ca

TikTok: ceciletuckercounselling

Instagram: ceciletuckercounselling and wellmindcounselling

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Cecile has so many incredible resources, and here are a few of them!

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