Podcast | Ep 7 | Sarah Mulder

People Are Getting More Adventurous With Their Jewelry Pieces

In this episode of the Magic Hour Podcast, learn about Sarah Mulder and her jewelry company. Sarah designs versatile jewelry in a Gastown studio. Learn all about Sarah’s jewelry-making process and watch the live recording to see all of her beautiful pieces.

Episode highlights:

  • Learn how she got started making jewelry when she was only 15 years old
  • Find out how getting robbed actually changed her outlook on jewelry
  • Discover where Sarah gets inspiration from
  • Sarah’s perspective on business growth and change in the past few years

Meet Our Magical Guest 

Sarah Mulder, Sarah Mulder Jewelry

Magic Hour Podcast with Sarah Mulder Jewelry who designs jewelry in Vancouver, Canada. Photo of Sarah Mulder standing in front of a white wall

Sarah designs “jewelry for city dwellers with bohemian hearts” and focuses on statement pieces that can be tailored down to pair with everyday looks. Designing and creating from her Gastown studio in downtown Vancouver, Sarah’s designs are a reflection of her adventurous spirit. 

After graduating in 2000 with her Diploma in Fine Arts, Sarah traveled to Europe to study Art History, her first trip abroad further sparked her love for the arts.  Financing her trip to Europe and later her Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts through the sales of jewelry, design became a full-time career in 2011. Now Sarah balances her time between making everyday versatile jewelry and creating fine art and custom artwork for clients.

Connect with Sarah!

Website: www.sarahmulder.com

Instagram: @sarahmulderjewelry

Facebook: Sarah Mulder Jewelry

Pinterest: @sarahmulder

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