Podcast | Ep 5 | Lauren Sudeyko

Prioritize Women’s Well-being by Providing the Ultimate Sleep Experience

In this episode of the Magic Hour Podcast, learn about Lauren Sudeyko and her sleepwear company, Seray. She found that there were no sleepwear brands out there that was what she needed, so she decided to make her own. Lauren talks about how she started her business, how it has grown in the last year, the importance of investing in sleepwear, and some exciting new products coming soon.

Episode highlights:

  • Learn the reason why behind the brand of Seray and how an accident started the company.
  • TENCEL™ Modal is the fabric used on sleepwear pieces, and it is sweat-wicking and sustainable.
  • Learn why it was important for Lauren Sudeyko to move production from Portugal to Canada.
  • Hear how Lauren shifted her mindset around content creation and social media marketing

Meet Our Magical Guest 

Lauren Sudeyko, Founder of Seray

Lauren Sudeyko sitting on a couch wearing her Seray

Recovering from a severe concussion in 2020, Lauren found herself in bed with nothing she felt comfortable sleeping in—it was either too hot, too thick, or too tight. After scouring the market in search of the perfect sleepwear, she quickly realized many of the existing options were made by fast-fashion companies that used unsustainable fabrics and had unethical labour practices. When she tested the products, they all fell short of expectations and needs. In light of this, she decided to create her own sleepwear line.

Choosing to leave her corporate job and venture out into entrepreneurship, she created Seray – a women’s apparel line designed to put women first.

Connect with Lauren!

Website: seray-shop.com

Instagram: @seray.shop

TikTok: @seray______

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