Podcast | Ep 4 | Lilian Sue

Building Lasting Relationships and Trust in the World

In this episode of the Magic Hour Podcast, find out all about Lilian Sue’s knowledge of the Public Relations world. She talks about how to gain clarity on your goals, develop a perspective on your strategies, and brainstorm new ideas on how to move forward.

Episode Highlights:

  • Learn how PR coaching can help entrepreneurs get recognized on a global level and how to build relationships
  • Understand how brainstorming and documenting your story can help when it comes to questions and interviews, and how it can propel your business
  • Learn why focusing on mindset is extremely important to help understand and set realistic PR results

Meet Our Magical Guest: Lilian Sue

Lilian Sue is a PR coach, publicist, educational speaker, and author. She empowers creative entrepreneurs and associations to develop strong PR mindsets and learn how to build PR strategies that will achieve goals of business growth, sales, and recognition. Lilian Sue believes that every entrepreneur has a compelling brand story that deserves to be heard and celebrated by audiences all over the world.

The Powerful Publicity Prescription

Are you ready to unlock your superpower,  attract clients, and build the confidence to develop your reputation as a global industry leader?

Inside the empowering pages of The Powerful Publicity Prescription, Lilian demystifies the world of public relations, inviting you to take your business to the next level by harnessing your superpower to attract clients and expand your community.

Never get stuck with mediocre marketing again as you dive into what makes PR powerful and learn the insider secrets on how to develop your own customized and tailored recipe for PR success including how to harness the Objective Key Result (OKR) goal framework to break down your concrete goals into achievable tasks over the span of three months to a year.

Through real world case studies, actionable tips, and powerful examples taken from Lilian’s own rich client portfolio, she guides you, step by step, on how to recognize and fulfill your fullest potential as an entrepreneur, author, small business or nonprofit owner by helping you gain the confidence to share your story on an international level.

Let this book  be your #1 resource on the journey towards fulfilling your greatest potential to maximize the positive impact you make in your business and beyond. Buy Lilian Sue’s book “The Powerful Publicity Perscription” here.

Connect with Lilian Sue!

Website: In Retrospect Writing Services

Academy: In Retrospect Marketing Academy

LinkedIn: Lilian Sue LinkedIn

Instagram: liliansuecopywriterpr

Buy a copy of Lilian’s ebook “The Power of PR”: Buy here

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Lilian Sue’s Resources

Check out her book! If you’re a creative entrepreneur, author, filmmaker, or nonprofit organization, The Powerful Publicity Prescription was written with you in mind!

Leading you through the building blocks of how to develop and launch a successful PR campaign step by step, this book is filled to the brim with actionable tips, strategies, and real-world case studies to help you understand the power of PR and get your campaigns off the ground on time and on budget!

Learn more about the book and campaign here.

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