Podcast | Ep 6 | Maxine Bulloch

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In this episode of the Magic Hour Podcast, learn about Maxine Bulloch and her photography business. Maxine works with small businesses to create professional, consistent, and aligned images. These images are created with the client’s goals in mind and can support their mission to help them feel confident and share themselves and the stories and the wonderful work that they’re doing.

Episode highlights:

  • Learn where her love of photography comes from and one of her all-time favourite shoots.
  • Find out Maxine’s process for intentionally planning out photography shoots.
  • Learn what Maxine’s flow state is and how she finds herself in those present moments and really settles into it.
  • Find out an exciting offering between Maxine and Unicorn Marketing Co!

Meet Our Magical Guest 

Maxine Bulloch, Maxine Bulloch Photography

Photographer Maxine Bulloch poses for a headshot for the unicorn marketing co podcast Magic Hour

Maxine is a photographer based in Vancouver, and her mission is to support heart-centered entrepreneurs in aligning their visuals with their values. Say goodbye to the days of inconsistent and uninspiring images that do nothing to reflect who you truly are or the difference you’re making! Maxine will work with her clients to create visuals that authentically express their values and help them to forge deep connections with their audience.

Connect with Maxine!

Website: maxinebulloch.com

Instagram: @maxinebullochphotography

Facebook: Maxine Bulloch Photography

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