Podcast | Ep 3 | Brianne and Calli

Changing and Evolving to Support the Community

In this episode of the Magic Hour Podcast, learn about Brianne and Calli, the co-founders of Far + Wide in Kamloops, BC. They talk about the life behind the scenes of owning and operating brick-and-mortar shops during a global pandemic, what it was like starting their own company (and then a second company during COVID), and how important it is to support women in business.

Episode highlights:

  • Brianne and Calli were both working full-time jobs while starting their business journey together. They started their business plan for Far + Wide in January 2018 and opened the store at the beginning of June of the same year!
  • They opened a new store during the pandemic. It started as a pop-up that helped to replace Christmas markets during the holiday season so that local makers still had a location where their products could be sold. They then officially opened the store, The Botanical Scene, in February 2019 and it operated for over 2 years and has since merged with the Far + Wide space.
  • Vintage can make your home comfortable and beautiful! Mix the beautiful vintage pieces with modern pieces that help make your home the perfect blend of style and function.

Meet Our Magical Guests 

Brianne McDaniel and Calli Duncan from Far + Wide

Magic Hour Podcast | Brianne + Calli - Far and Wide | Unicorn Marketing Co

Co-owners, Brianne and Calli, first started conducting workshops that evolved into Far + Wide’s first brick-and-mortar location. Now, they have an online shop, a bigger location, and a second store that has merged into Far + Wide.

Far + Wide was built on the idea of treating someone you love, or yourself! The owners are passionate about their community, shopping local, and adding some beauty to people’s daily lives. 

Brianne and Calli’s Tip: Recognize the assets in your life (maybe your mom is an accountant or your cousin is an electrician) and ask for help – even if that is hard for you to do. Always use help in a way that supports and uplifts others and doesn’t do harm!

Also, when starting a business, it is important to know yourself. You have to know yourself and your vision and goals because people and situations will challenge you. Don’t shy away from something that is uncomfortable if it means positive growth!

Connect with Brianne and Calli!

Website: farandwidekamloops.com

Instagram: far_and_wide_bc

Facebook: farandwidebc

TikTok: farandwidekamloops

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