Podcast | Ep 2 | Mariah Braun

Emersion in a Creative World

In this episode of the Magic Hour Podcast, find out all about Mariah Braun and her journey of how she started her career in film and how she was able to bring awareness to her films. Mariah talks about filming in many different scenarios including what it was like filming during a global pandemic – she even needed to direct some parts of her film through Facetime!

Episode Highlights:

  • Mariah Braun talks about how filmmaking is a way to connect with people and share their important stories.
  • Learn all about the inspiration and process of bringing her show Able to life and submitting it to Storyhive.
  • Learn why Mariah spent a day of work in a wheelchair.

Meet Our Magical Guest 

Mariah Braun, Mariah B Creates

Podcast | Ep 3 | Mariah Mariah Braun | Unicorn Marketing Co

Mariah is an indie filmmaker and marketing professional from northern Alberta with a reputation for being the hardest-working person in most rooms. She seeks to amplify the voices of underrepresented individuals and tell stories through a unique point of view. This has drawn her into short documentary filmmaking and producing commercial projects with emotional clout. In 2019, Mariah was awarded a Telus STORYHIVE grant to direct and produce her short film Life Without Diagnosis.

Mariah’s Tip: If you are at all interested in filming, just start!

Connect with Mariah!

Website: mariahbraun.com

Instagram: mariahbcreates

LinkedIn: mariahbcreates

YouTube: Mariah B Creates

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Mariah Braun is so creative and is part of so many incredible projects, and here are a few of them!


Life Without Diagnosis

Find more of Mariah’s films here.

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