Podcast | Ep 1 | Chloe Arielle Design

Wielding the Power of Design for Good

In this episode of the Magic Hour Podcast, find out how Chloe Arielle cultivates design solutions that are accessible for kind, socially conscious companies. Explore what accessibility in design truly means, and how this needs to already exist as a foundational layer in marketing, branding, and design.

Episode Highlights:

  • Chloe makes Mondays a million times better by holding space for her own business and not working on client projects.
  • Chloe organizes her life in Notion – perfect for all of the Type A’s out there!
  • Learn what design accessibility is and how you can implement it in your marketing.

Meet Our Magical Guest 

Chloe Arielle Foster, Chloe Arielle Design

Magic Hour with Chloe Arielle Foster | Unicorn Marketing Co

Chloe has been designing for over 15 years and has always known that she wanted to pursue a career in design.

When she was in high school, Chloe watched the documentary “Helvetica” and realized how influential design can be. Almost everything we encounter has been designed, and it can influence our every decision. Chloe decided that she wanted to wield that power for good — to use design to bring joy and positivity into the world.

Chloe’s Tip: Always make duplicates when you are designing something! Try adding or removing one element at a time, and remember that ‘white space’ can be a designer’s best friend!

Connect with Chloe!

Website: chloearielle.com

Instagram: chloearielle

Pinterest: chloearielle_design

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There are so many incredible resources mentioned in the episode, and here are a few of them!

Colour Contrasting Sites: Web AIM and Pika (IOS only)

Design Platforms: Adobe and Canva

Accessibility in Design: Web Accessibility Initiative and Deque University

Design Learning: The Futur (free YouTube videos)

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