6 Tips to Prep Your Website for 2024

6 Website Checks to Prep Your Website for the New Year

2024 is here and it’s a new year! Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a checklist of what to update on your website. Let’s get down to it!

Update the copyright year in your footer

It is time for me to get on my annual soapbox and shout this from the rooftops – update your copyright year in the footer of your website. You actually have copyright however long your business or non-profit has been around, and your copyright can encompass all of these years.

This is what Unicorn’s copyright currently looks like. I’m going to update this to read 2020-2024 asap.

Check your website for content for “year” language

Do you include copy about how long you have been in business, or how long you have been in this profession? Perhaps it sounds like, “I’ve been designing brands since 2020 – that’s three years!” Make sure you are proofing your About page and other text on your website to account for this upcoming year.

Remove that Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day pricing

Yes, it’s been a minute since the Black Friday, Cyber Monday and now Boxing Day has now passed. It is easy to forget a pop up banner or to deactivate a sales page during the holiday season. Take another look through all pages of your website on mobile and desktop mobile to ensure you’ve updated everything.

Here’s a couple of spots to look into:

  • Announcement bars
  • Promotional pop ups
  • Homepage
  • Services/Offering pages
  • Link in bio page

Update your services/offerings page(s)

This is a great time to cozy up, reflect on your 2024 goals, and update your offerings. You can journal, doodle, or create a vision board with our free template! Its common for business owners to use this time to reflect on the past year and maybe even tweak their offers to better serve their audience. This can also be a time to update your pricing! Double check that your website’s sales pages reflects your new pricing.

Update your banners and homepage

A new month, a new year. Give your homepage a fresh look with new photos and copy. Source some stock photos from your image library, or use your new headshots from The Bio Boost Kit package. Refresh your homepage and banner’s copy with a conversational voice that feels just like you.

Re-evaluate and update your intake forms

Especially if you are updating your pricing, don’t forget to update your intake forms or onboarding sequence.

Here’s some ideas to triple-check:

  • Remove services that you don’t offer from a drop down (or add them in!)
  • Update your pricing plan if this has changed
  • Make sure all of your questions are still relevant to your offer
  • Decide if there’s anything you’d like to know that you haven’t been asking. Add it!

Thanks for reading!

All of these tips are sure to keep your website up to date in 2024. Need help getting started? We offer website maintenance packages and hourly rates for our services. Book in for a free 30 minute discovery call.

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