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Business Wins + Roadside Flings

Jessi Olsen is a Toronto based sex positive comedian and the host of Your Place or Mine, a podcast all about the very real world of searching for love. This podcast is not for the light hearted and we must stress an explicit warning of sexual content discussed. If you’re open to listening to steamy stories and laughing until your gut hurts, keep reading!

Mom, please stop here. Seriously.

About Your Place or Mine

Join comedian Jessie Olsen on her adventures in search for love, laughs, and hopefully a great lay. Enjoy a mix of solo episodes and conversations with friends and comedians. We chat about comedy, dating life in Toronto, and navigating this outrageous world we live in. Grab a glass of wine and listen in, babe.  You can listen to Your Place or Mine on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and all of the socials – including TikTok and Instagram.

Episode 46: Business Wins + Roadside Flings featuring Hope Mikal of Unicorn Marketing Co.

Hear how Hope quit her secure full time job to do Unicorn full time, and the fears that surround taking that leap. We chat about why she’s such a cheerleader for women, and her advice to new business owners. Hear about some of her ridiculous dating experiences from the past. From “boring guy” and how she ended up hooking up on the side of a highway, to the adorable beginning of a loving relationship. Again, we stress – this is not an episode for the faint of heart.

Listen to the full episode here.

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