Why Branding Is A Good Investment

Let’s talk about branding for small businesses and brands

We totally get that making investments for your brand can be a big deal. It may be an unpopular opinion, but we think that a DIY logo isn’t a worst case scenario. This can be a great way to hold you over until you are ready to invest in a full brand identity.

What sets you apart when you invest in your branding, is working with a professional and setting you apart from your competitors through strategy and intention.

At Unicorn Marketing Co, we help figure out your brand’s unique voice and bring that to the visual identity, providing you with a foundation to support your brand’s ongoing reputation.

Let’s get into this!

DIY logos can work for the short term

DIY logos are often a direct reflection of the person designing them, usually what colours and fonts they prefer. Sometimes, it can be a direct reflection of another brand you may have seen on Pinterest. This is not how you build a brand, DIY or not.

Branding begins with a strategy

Working with a designer can help you uncover the core of your brand.

We’re here throughout the process to help you understand the why behind certain design choices, the reasoning behind the thoughtful research, and more. Working with a professional designer means you don’t have to do this all alone. We’ll ask you questions to help pull out your values, find your unique selling proposition, and fully understand where your business is now – and where you’ll be in five years.

Our goal is to find that unique magic that makes you stand out and translate this into your visual identity.

Are you thinking “Omg, how many logos do I need? What kinds of logos do I need? What is the difference?” We’ve got you!

Finding a designer that works well with you can be HARD

This is not a myth. Finding the right service provider that meshes with your vibe, aligns with your goals, and understands you can be really, really hard.

Luckily, if you’re reading this – you’re nearly there!

We have an introductory offer that can help you dip your feet in to all of the magic! Our signature brand audit will guide you to reflect inwards and find out where you are right now with a comprehensive questionnaire. As our team will work its designer magic backed by facts and research, and you’ll receive a 20+ page document to take with you for the next phase of you: high-level realignment.

Once you open your final presentation arrives in your inbox, you’ll be screaming with excitement! Finally, you will have the roadmap to feeling confident in your business’s messaging!

What is a brand audit?

A brand audit is all about doing the deep dive into your business’s storytelling and messaging. We’ll do the heavy lifting (aka the creative brainstorming) during this process. Our job is to search for gaps in your industry, re-envision a magical space to move forward with. While you won’t have a new logo or brand strategy finalized – not just yet – this roadmap can be handed off to another designer, or for our team to expand upon with a full brand identity package.

Imagine that your brand audit is basically an example of WHAT you can do better

Consider this exercise as a great way to get to know each other, and feel incredibly comfortable with Unicorn Marketing Co. making even more magic for your business. 

Why is a brand audit a good idea for my business?

You may be wondering, “Is this the right next step for me?”

Here’s why the answer to this, is a full on HECK YES.

  • There is a low monetary risk. Our brand audit is a fraction of what a brand identity costs.
  • You can get a feel of what its like to work closely with our team at Unicorn Marketing Co.
  • If it doesn’t feel like a good fit, you can always move on to another agency or designer.
  • You’ll start to shift your mindset into the WHY behind your brand.
  • You’ll get a comprehensive idea of what’s involved in building your branding messaging and get comfortable using your brand’s tone, voice, and strategy!

Okay, so what do I now?

We’ve outlined why investing in your brand identity is the right choice for your small business – as well as some pros and cons of having a DIY logo. Get started with our introductory branding offer and book in for a brand audit today!

Thanks for reading!

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