Vancouver Lingerie Show

As a lover of style and supporting local, I was beyond honoured to sponsor the first ever Vancouver Lingerie Show, taking place on Galentines’ Day on February 13th, 2024.

This event was the first of its kind, and was a brainchild from Madison Prangnell, owner/founder of Here for Hazel and a new lingerie company, Savour Lingerie based in Vancouver, British Columbia. New to the design scene, Madison felt an urge to bring together community, create connections, and to showcase her newly launched line from Savour Lingerie. Vancouver Fashion Week – while absolutely amazing – is not an accessible space in terms of budget and capacity, so Madison got creative and took matters into her hands.

Check out this great interview I had with Madison to recap what the event was like and her experience in planning an event for the first time.

Where did the inspiration for the Vancouver Lingerie Show come from? 

“Since I was very little I have always wanted to showcase my brand at a fashion show. Throughout design school, starting my business, and the unexpected pandemic years, I was invited to show my collection at local fashion shows. The issue I always was facing was that these shows are so expensive for designers to showcase at. Often costing anywhere between $5000-10,000! For someone just emerging and starting their brand, this was definitely not attainable for me. The feedback I was getting from designers, models, and makeup artists who participated in these shows was lack luster.

Many designers had issues with the cost and lack of freedom in choosing models. Makeup artists were unimpressed with the makeup products they were to use for the event. Overall, after the event is over, aside from a couple of photos for your portfolio, the amount of press and support post-event appeared to be lacking for the artists who donated so much time and effort. 

As a designer myself, I knew there has to be a better way. A new type of fashion event that is rooted in community, supports its artists, and allows attendees to feel a part of the excitement rather than the awkward, cliquey, energy that often comes along with fashion events. Vancouver has a bad reputation for being unfriendly and “no-fun-city.” I want to create something that actively breaks down those barriers and opens opportunities for artists.”

What was the process of planning your first event and simultaneously launching your lingerie brand like?

“In a few words? Intense, dream-like, electric.

I consider myself a very organized, type-A person. That being said, I have never taken on a project this big before. I started this project to give myself and my designers friends a space to share our work and add something special to our portfolios. It quickly became an event involving more artists and female entrepreneurs than I ever expected. I have always loved party-planning and decorating, but once more people started to get involved, it started to feel like “oh no, these people are relying on me to pull through and do a good job.”

Although most of the pressure came from myself, rather than anyone else, it did feel heavy. Two weeks prior to the show I launched my lingerie brand Savour. This past month feels like a complete fever dream. In the process of pulling it all together, I actually realized I really really enjoyed the event planning. I have learned so much about myself, and now, people are actually asking for more events! I have accidentally started another whole business in the process.”

How did you overcome any feelings of nervousness or uncertainty or imposter syndrome?

“Short answer: I didn’t. I still feel, even after my brand is now launched, and this first event is now over, that I am out of my depth.

I also feel that I have been blessed with, what my mom would call, a “can-do” attitude, or, as I would call it, “creative delusion,” that I can pull off pretty much anything. Any time I get stressed or scared of something not working out, I literally just think, “well, it’s never not worked before!”

However, in the couple of weeks leading up to the event, it really hit me that this was real and I definitely was more nervous than ever before. I was barely sleeping and was so nauseous that I could barely eat! As soon as I got home after the show, my stress melted away and I was starving! I’ve never felt fatigue or loss of appetite like that before. I know for the next one I will need to have more help and time so I can be at my best.”

When/why/how did you decide to launch Savour Lingerie instead of with your sister brand Here for Hazel?

“I had been working on our first lingerie styles with Here for Hazel since the summer. People were really excited and it was so fun to have everyone voting on designs and colours! A true community designed product. 

In December 2023, I started getting advice from some business mentors and my close circle that the branding with this lingerie set could be very different from Here for Hazel. As a Pinterest lover and designer, the branding is so fun for me. I had an absolute BLAST coming up with a different look and feel for a lingerie specific line. Something more cheeky, spicy, and on-trend. Savour was born!

I still love Here for Hazel as our comfy, reliable, high-quality, everyday undies. And Savour as our spicy, sexy, frilly, sister brand!”

Tell me more about how collaboration was the main focus of this event.

“Every element of this event was balancing the relationships and collaborations between artists and businesses. As this first event was really to test the waters, I mainly wanted to pitch it as a collaborative show. Everyone from the designers, to the models, to the DJ, to the makeup artists was volunteering their time and efforts! 

We had some incredible sponsors who really helped to cover all of the remaining costs and add little special touches to make it a night to remember.When you work on collaborative events or photoshoots it is very common for people to drop out last minute or not take it very seriously. This team pulled through!

Everyone treated it with complete professionalism and was so supportive and patient with me when I didn’t have all the answers. My goal is definitely to create fashion events that pay us all and support our skills in that way as well. But in the beginning, it is truly about working together to get the best possible product while we grow.”

What were some of the highlights of the show from your perspective?

“I felt like I was so busy preparing the brands for the runway and making sure things were going smoothly. However, when my song came on and my models started walking the runway (including my younger sister, Shelby, who modelled for the show!) I definitely shed some tears. Like I said, I wanted this since I was a little girl, and it finally hit me that it was really happening. More highlights, honestly, hearing peoples feedback, seeing people tag us in their photos, and enjoying one of our cute specialty cocktails at the end of the night. That really tied it all together.”

I’d love to hear about the other amazing designers in the show.

“Heather (pictured below on the left of me) who runs Jude is an incredible designer. I asked her to join the show three weeks prior and she was so excited and had such a great attitude about it. She normally specializes in custom bridal and event-wear so she whipped together a STUNNING mini-collection that was bridal-focused lingerie. She definitely had the “something blue” sprinkled throughout her collection as well. Heather was the first to show her collection and I am so grateful for her. It takes a lot of guts to go first and she absolutely rocked it. Her pieces from the show are now available for custom and made-to-order through her Instagram page.

Designers from Jude Swim, Savour Lingerie and Ivanae Swim smile post-fashion show.

Halie (pictured above on the right of me) and Sarah are the co-founders of Ivanae Swim. I have worked with these two lovely ladies before and all I can say is that not only are they so down-to-earth, and incredible women, but the fit of their swimsuits are TO DIE FOR. Ivanae is also super environmentally focused. All of their swimsuits are made from recycled plastic bottles! The My Maria swimsuit is my personal favourite. All of their super cute styles can be found on their website.

It was both Jude and Ivanae’s first runway show as well so it feels so cool to be able to experience our firsts all together! I feel so blessed to have such talented and driven women in my network.”

Your photography for Savour Lingerie is absolutely stunning. What tips would you give to someone planning their own brand photoshoot?

“Thank you so much! The shoot I did with Savour was probably the most styled shoot I’ve ever done! One of my closest friends, Viktoria, was the photographer who got all of these amazing shots. I love working with her because no matter what, she always delivers above my expectations. I think working with your friends can either be really difficult and stressful, or really intimate and actually bring you closer. I’m glad to say that for us it is the latter. Georgia, our talented model, and Hailey, our incredible makeup artist were so lovely too. We truly had so much fun styling and playing with the props. My friend Peyton also helped in gathering some of our super cute props. I consider her the content queen.

When it comes to planning your own shoot: I think what is really important is the planning. Have your mood board, shot list, and props list. Ensure everyone sees these prior to the shoot so everyone is on the same page. The worst thing is when the team isn’t aligned on the vision or the feel of the shoot.Since I work in intimates, I am always hyper aware to ensure the model is really comfortable wearing intimates and posing in particular ways throughout the shoot. Making sure everyone is feeling heard and respected is the most important thing. Even when you are shooting with your friends, I think you need to be somewhat professional so you get the shots you need and the team is all feeling supported. Also, bring snacks and music. Keeps the morale up!”

Videography credit to:
Camera: @ezra_wood & @suissanoam Edit: @ezra_wood

Meet Madison Prangnell

Madison is the CEO and founder of Savour Lingerie and her sister brand, Here for Hazel. When she was young and the time came for her to wear her first bra, Madison felt embarrassed. She lived with embarrassment around her body for years, as many young girls do. She didn’t enjoy going to the mall, to big-box intimate stores to shop for her undergarments. The thought of being spotted there by someone she knew gave her the ick!

As Madison developed her career in the fashion industry, she realized something integral. Sexiness wasn’t scary. What was scary was the way it was presented to women. These big-box fashion brands were packaging up insecurities, eating disorders and the desire to be liked and accepted into pretty images of women who “had it all” and selling it back to us as if it were attainable for us too, if only we purchased their product.

Madison loved design and wanted to work in the fashion industry – but she wanted to keep her work far away from the toxic messages that many large companies were instilling in their customers. Thus, Here for Hazel and Savour were born out of a necessity for wearable, sexy, thoughtful intimates that empower women. While most brands design with only one body type in mind, Madison’s designs are intentionally designed to look good on every shape and size. From wearable, everyday pieces to speciality, unique undergarments, her goal is to offer a different type of intimate shopping experience.

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