The Automatic Entrepreneur Podcast

It seems like some people are just born with “it”.

The Automatic Entrepreneur is a podcast created by our friend, Kasey Luft, from Clientric CRM Consulting.

During the downtime of 2020, Kasey started to realize from his own entrepreneurial journey that there are some pretty incredible background stories of how people in his inner circle, and the business community of the Thompson Okanagan came to be.

The Automatic Entrepreneur is Kasey’s passion project, a podcast that explores how each guest started their own business, what drove them to start, how they operate, and what tools, tips, and tricks they use to operate their business in an efficient way.

About The Automatic Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur and business owner is tough, the long hours, the evenings and weekends, and even more frequent, the constant second-guessing of your decisions. Join Kasey, also known as “The Automatic Entrepreneur” as he explores what it’s like running and operating a small business with owners all over the world. Each episode explores how the guest started, what drove them to start, how they operate, and what tools, tips, and tricks they use to operate their business in an efficient way.

Let’s be honest, we could all use a bit of help on the automation side! It is Kasey’s hope is that you gain some insight into how you can start or improve your own business, and give you the motivation you need to get to that next step in your business and push yourself to be your best self!

Episode 2: Transitioning from the Corporate World to Entrepreneurship with Hope Mikal

In September 2021, Hope was honoured to take time to speak with Kasey about her own journey into starting her own creative marketing agency. Unicorn Marketing Co. started in December of 2020, though this business idea was a topic over beers for Kasey and Hope for several years (before it finally came to life!)

Stream this episode with Hope Mikal now on Spotify!

Show Notes

[0:43] Hope’s Introduction.

[3:45] Find out how Hope managed to switch from a corporate job to entrepreneurship while still working on a part-time basis.

[6:25] Kasey and Hope discuss their experience of switching to entrepreneurship.

[9:43] Hope shares how she is able to run the business while still holding a part-time job.

[11:22] Kasey and Hope share their self-care routine.

[15:58] A preview into Hope’s business; how she establishes relationships with potential clients, her target clients, her pricing policies, challenges she faces as a female entrepreneur.

[24:45] Why entrepreneurs need to choose their clients wisely.

[28:47 ] Tools that Hope uses to automate her business.

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