Podcast | Ep 15 | Sachin Khona

 “It’s using the knowledge that you gain, but then doing something with it, not letting it set up in your headspace.”

In this episode of the Magic Hour Podcast, Hope chats with Sachin Khona, wedding photographer, entrepreneur, and podcast host about his transition from the gray, corporate world of accounting to living a full-time creative lifestyle. Harnessing his own anxiety and fears about his own work, Sachin first started ARC as an interview website, building meaningful connections with photographers he admired. Fast forward a few years, and ARC is now a podcast and a destination for photographers, as an educational conference right here in the Pacific Northwest. Tune into this episode for a low-key coaching pep talk on building boundaries, understanding work-life harmony, and how to fuel your creative fire.

Episode Highlights:

  • Forget the buzzword ‘work-life balance’. Sachin talks about work-life harmony and how he deeply deciphers all three into his core.
  • Learn how to make conscious choices and micro-actions that will turn your huge, wild ideas into bite-size, manageable goals.
  • Hear a gentle reminder of centring your focus on your own business. Just do it – it worked for Nike, after all.
Sachin Khona's black and white photography of a bride outside a building

Meet Our Magical Guest 

Sachin Khona, Photographer and Founder of ARC

Sachin Khona with a camera posing for a photo

Sachin Khona is a Vancouver-based documentary-style wedding photographer with roots in London. Photography is more than his profession; it is his passion and a reflection of his artistry. With a keen eye for composition and lighting, Sachin captures raw, human connections and timeless photographs. His journey began as a street photographer, honing his talent for seeing light in unique ways. Transitioning from an overworked accountant to a wedding photographer in 2011, Sachin has since documented over 400 weddings worldwide. 

Sachin’s work is inspired by the raw, candid nature of street photography and the cinematic beauty of life’s significant moments. He combines vibrant and dark imagery, playing with light and shadow to capture depth and emotion. Shooting on 35mm film, he creates images that are both factual and abstract, resonating with nontraditional couples who appreciate design, aesthetics, and unposed moments. 

Beyond photography, Sachin founded ARC, a thriving community for photographers with annual conferences, and is the host of The Arc Creative Podcast. His genuine and approachable nature fosters connections within the photography community.

Connect With Sachin Khona!

Website: thisisarc.co

Instagram: @arc_evolution

Conference: https://learn.thisisarc.co/experience-arc-2024

Course: learn.thisisarc.co/wedding-photographer-accelerator

Photography Website: sachinkhona.com

Photography Instagram: @sachinkhona

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Helpful Resources

There are so many incredible resources mentioned in this episode, and here are a few of them!

  1. Relentless by Tim Grover
  2. Becoming Supernatural by Joe Dispenza

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