How to Save Time Creating Content

In a world ruled by social media and trying to keep up on trends, it can be overwhelming trying to stay on top of it all. That’s why we have compiled this handy dandy list to help you save time while creating content for your small business!

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Let’s Save Time While Creating Content

1. Plan Your Content

There are many ways that you can plan your content based on how you like to operate. Whether it’s creating a social media content calendar, adding prompts to your task list, or writing them down in your notebook, it is important to plan ahead. At the beginning of each month, Take a look to see what holidays, events, or other important dates are coming up. This will ensure you have enough time to plan and create great content for those special dates. 

2. Batch Content

Since it’s common practice to post almost every day – or even multiple times a day depending on your small business and the platform – it helps to create a lot of content at once. This practice is called ‘batching content’. Find a way that is sustainable for you, though we suggest you plan out at least a week’s worth of content in advance. Schedule time to get all the photos, videos, and copywriting that you need. Next, compile all your media and captions in one central space like your content calendar or social media scheduler. This way you can edit and schedule the content quickly and efficiently. We recommend using the platform Later – it’s our absolute favourite!

3. Repurpose Content

Work smarter, not harder. Do you have a blog post on your website? Break it up into at least 3-5 social media posts. In each post, make sure that you are directing people to your site to read more. You can even post the same graphic but change the colours, message, or image to make it feel like an entirely new post.

4. Try Canva or Adobe Express

Canva is your best friend when it comes to creating content! This free design tool is a great way to organize your photos and keep all your brand colours, fonts, and elements in one place. Canva allows you to create content, easily change design elements, and organize your content into folders. It also has an incredible bank of templates that can be quickly rebranded to your company’s look. While the paid version of Canva may be best if you are creating content each day, they also have a free version that you can check out!

Adobe Express is Adobe’s version of Canva, an all-in-one content creation app that uses AI to make stunning posts, flyers, emails, and more. Your imagination is your only limitation with generative AI tools like Generative Fill, Text to Image, and Text to Template (beta), all powered by Adobe Firefly. You type it. Adobe Express generates it. Adobe Express has lots of easy-to-use templates and video editing tools to support your marketing goals.

5. Hop On Trends

Do you find that you run out of inspiration on what to create? Browse your social media platforms once in a while to find some trending content. See if you are able to re-create these trends in a way that makes sense with your offerings and branding.

Note: just because there is a trend doesn’t mean that you have to do it. Only hop on it if it feels right for your company.

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Let Us Help You!

We get it. Sometimes, even looking at your to-do list is overwhelming. Check off your boxes and work with a creative marketing agency. Avoid the headache of planning, creating, and scheduling content for your small business. Simply put, content creation in the hands of the professionals that can do all the work for you.

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We hope these tips help you the next time you are creating content!

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