Magic Hour Podcast | Ep 12 | Josie Piper

“And I really love the fact that I actually have that experience in marketing and I can really understand the whole user journey.”

In this episode of the Magic Hour Podcast, Hope talks to Josie Piper, the founder of the Fickl Marketing App. We dive into what it’s like having a marketing background and jumping feet first – cold plunge style – into building a tech company from scratch!

Episode Highlights:

  • Hear about the trials and triumphs of starting up a tech company from a marketer’s lens
  • Find out what designer empathy is, and how to use design thinking in all areas of your business
  • Discover Josie’s experience in designing a product that is constantly evolving and shifting
  • Feel how addicting it is to be an entrepreneur, to feel the excitement of behind the scenes, and ride the highs and lows of owning a business
  • Find out which top true crime podcast both Josie and Hope are obsessed with – can you guess which one?

Meet Our Magical Guest 

Josie Piper, Founder of Fickl App

Blob of Josie Piper

At the heart of Fickl App is the founder, Josie, whose origin story has profoundly influenced her dedication to supporting micro-enterprises. Growing up in a small local business built by her mother, Josie witnessed first-hand the incredible passion and hard work that goes into running a micro-enterprise. From organizing tax receipts to hand-delivering flyers across her hometown, her early exposure to this entrepreneurial, “get-stuck-in” spirit left a lasting impression, instilling in her a deep love and appreciation for these small businesses that bring so much character and value to their communities.

With the support of her husband, friends and family, Josie has been able to build Fickl from the ground up since early 2021.

Connect With Josie!


Instagram: @marketingwithfickl

TikTok: @marketingwithfickl

LinkedIn: Fickl

YouTube: Fickl App

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