Magic Hour Podcast | Ep 13 | Kelly Turner

“It’s important to make time for yourself so you can be the best version of you, and show up for yourself, for your kid, and for your partner.”

In this episode of the Magic Hour Podcast, Hope interviews Kelly Turner, serial entrepreneur and the founder of You Deew You. Kelly took the chance with her company and turned a forbidden topic into a mainstream and modern sensation. She leapt into the cannabis industry before it was legal in Canada with You Deew You, a vegan skincare brand that are thoughtfully crafted with clean and wholesome ingredients in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Learn all about her journey in building multiple successful brands from the ground up, cultivating a community in the notoriously “unfriendly city” of Vancouver, and find out how she negotiated selling her products to buyers of global giants like Indigo, Urban Outfitters, and Anthropologie! 

Episode Highlights:

  • Hear how Kelly turned an empty jar with a drafted product label into selling out at Urban Outfitters, Indigo and Anthropologie
  • Tune in to hear the one piece of advice Kelly has for business owners now that she’s a proud mama
  • Learn why Kelly chooses to be a hands off entrepreneur and where she focuses her precious time in her business and life
  • Discover her inspiration behind her next big project – coming soon!
  • Hear Kelly’s hot take on The Four Hour Work Week, a book by Tim Ferriss

Meet Our Magical Guest 

Kelly Turner, Founder of You Deew You

Kelly Turner from You Deew You is sitting holding her jar of skincare

Kelly Turner is a serial entrepreneur and local rainmaker. Her first venture, Fall For Local Markets, grew from an annual pop-up market for local entrepreneurs in 2013 to quarterly markets. Being highly curious, she established the Deew (weed spelled backwards) brand to align cannabis with the lifestyle of the modern person. Kelly’s currency is success through brand development and enrichment, business enablement and end to end execution. Her ability to bootstrap and build connections with her consumers has been instrumental to her success. Inspired by her son, Kelly is currently working on a superfood kid snack brand!

Learn about Fall for Local

Fall For Local has been supporting businesses since 2012 with events, markets, online community building, and much more!

Check out DEEW

DEEW‘s vegan formulas are thoughtfully crafted with clean and wholesome ingredients, leaving your skin feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and absolutely radiant. From their vibrant packaging to the invigorating scents, every detail is designed to bring joy and excitement to your daily routine.

Discover the magic of self-care with DEEW. Let their products pamper your skin while adding a burst of happiness to your beauty regimen. Embrace the natural goodness and positive vibes that their skincare offers, and experience the transformative power of nurturing yourself in the most delightful way. Shop Deew Dream, Summer in a Jar and the Everything Balm that Kelly raves about in our episode!

Connect with Kelly!


Instagram: @youdeewyou 

Pinterest: youdeewyou

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