Magic Hour Podcast | Ep 10 | Miranda Sam

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any path will lead you there”

In this episode of the Magic Hour Podcast, find out how Miranda Sam, the founder of the clothing brand, started her petite clothing brand SHORTLISTED. Hear all about height tax, shopping your own closet, and what actually is closet sustainability. Miranda’s mission is all about elevating the playing field for petites by reducing their mental load.

Episode Highlights:

  • Learn what height inclusivity is and why the media isn’t talking about it.
  • Find out why Miranda learned how to sew to help her business.
  • Learn all about how Miranda’s experience in the marketing industry affected this journey into creating a fashion brand.

Meet Our Magical Guest 

Miranda Sam, Founder of Shortlisted

Podcast | Season 2 Ep 1 | Miranda Sam

Miranda Sam is the 5’1 founder of SHORTLISTED, a clothing brand for short women who are short on time.

Her mission is to elevate the playing field for petites by reducing their mental load. For example, to limit spending extra time + money on alterations, and online returns because brands don’t share inseam length, not producing with dry-clean only fabrics and more.

SHORTLISTED aims to do that through 3 ways: petite fit, practical functionality, and removing the daily burden of, “What should I wear today?” through coordinated sets and capsule collections. 

Miranda’s worked as a Fashion Marketer, Retail Manager, and Fashion Journalist. Now she’s proud to be a marketer turned Small Business Owner who gave birth to two beautiful daughters while building the brand.

Connect with Miranda!


Instagram: @shortlistedco 

TikTok: @shortlistedco 

Facebook: @shortlistedco  

LinkedIn: Miranda Sam  


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