Critical Branding Elements That You Need

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Branding Elements that Your Business Needs

Branding is way more than just a logo, it also includes colours, typography, values, goals, strategies, and how all of these elements work together to create your unique brand.

What better way to help explain branding than to show you examples of our brand?

Unicorn Marketing Co. Branding

Unicorn Marketing Co. got a fresh rebrand, and we love this bold, new direction! Let’s take a look at all the elements that make up our Unicorn Marketing brand, and what you need to include when looking at your branding.

Brand Values

Figuring out your brand values is extremely important, and they will help you create the rest of your brand. Since a brand is showcasing the feeling and what your company represents, the values will give you the pillars to base all of your brand elements around.

This includes your mission statement and potentially a tagline as well.


Of course, we all know that a logo is very important. In the case of some brands, they are solely recognizable through their logo (think the Nike swoosh). Your logo can have a few variations and colours as well. You may notice that a company will use a primary logo in most places, but they may use a secondary logo once in a while (for instance, you may use a stacked logo or a simplified logo as your Instagram profile photo).

A graphic of Unicorn Marketing Co's branding elements including their different logo variations

Brand Colours

Talking to different designers, the number of brand colours your company has may vary. A good rule of thumb is to have somewhere between 3-6 colours and make sure that includes a dark colour and a light colour (typically variations of black and white). It is helpful to try out the colours in different combinations and check to make sure that the colours work well together to ensure accessibility when designing.

Brand colours for Unicorn Marketing Co. Looking at the company's branding elements


Choose your fonts well! There are so many unique fonts out there and they can say a lot about your branding. Are you fun? Professional? Flirty? Retro? Elegant? Youthful? All of these words will invoke different styles, and your fonts must add value to your other brand elements to help solidify the overall feeling you want to convey.

Branding elements at Unicorn Marketing, specifically looking at the typography

Brand Icons

Do you have stickers or creative elements that you want to include in your branding? Unicorn Marketing Co has lots of different unicorn icons (as well as a few other fun shapes!) that help elevate the brand even more! These icons can be used on your website, newsletters, and social media content to add a sprinkle of flavour to your brand!

Branding elements of Unicorn Marketing Co, specifically looking at the icons for the company

Branding Guidelines

This may be one of the most important aspects of branding. Brand guidelines are a compilation of rules that guide the overall look and feel of the brand. Brand elements are important, but you need guidelines to fully flush out how your brand feels when the elements get put together. It is the difference between something that represents your brand vs something that is missing the mark. If you have elements, but you don’t know how to put them together, your brand may fall flat. Instead, write out guidelines that tell you how often you will use your primary colours vs secondary, when you will use certain logos, or what font is used when creating a post.

Unicorn Marketing Co's branding elements, specifically looking at how to use colours in their brand
This is an example of a branding guideline but does not include everything needed in a complete guideline.

Brand Audit

Find out what makes your business truly magical. Throughout our signature brand audit process, we will guide you to reflect inward and find where you are right now with a comprehensive questionnaire. As our team works its designer magic backed by facts and research, you will receive a  20+ page document to take with you for the next phase: high-level re-alignment.

Once you open your final presentation of your brand audit and walkthrough video, you’ll be screaming with excitement! Finally, you’ll have the road map to feeling confident in your business’s messaging.

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