Essential Marketing Conference Takeaways

Ever wonder what secrets are shared at a marketing conference? Let us enlighten you!

Marketing Takeaways

Recently, a few of Unicorn Marketing Co.’s team members attended the Social Pacific Marketing Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia. It was a two-day marketing conference that had many incredible speakers from across Canada, and even from companies such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Google.

We will break down our favourite pieces that we learned at the conference – just for you!

What We Learned at the Marketing Conference

1. Chat GPT

As you can probably imagine, AI was the talk of the marketing conference with so many questions circulating this topic. We got to listen to Ronnie Malewski from NP Digital and hear his thoughts on the matter. The biggest takeaway from all of the chatter around AI is that it should be used to assist you in your marketing tasks, not create content for you.

What does that mean? Basically, AI can do tasks for us in a fraction of the time that we can, so definitely use it to create a freebie or give you some blog topics. However, you should not use it to write your entire blog for you. If you need extra motivation to keep writing your own content – Google can tell when a bot writes content and will therefore lower your SEO!

2. Pinterest Trend Tool

Most marketers know all the benefits of Pinterest and how it is an awesome platform to be active on, no matter your business. You may even know that Pinterest has a Trend Tool, but have you used it?

At the marketing conference, Marisa Robshaw talked to us about all things Pinterest and all the benefits of this cool Pinterest feature. The Trend Tool lets you do so much such as searching for trending keywords, top trends per region, and it even lets you filter information based on date, age, keywords, and gender.

Bonus: Check out Pinterest Predicts for incredibly accurate trends that you may want to hop on … now.

3. TikTok is All About Trying

Do you find TikTok a site where you never know exactly what content is going to perform well? Sometimes the most random video you upload that took 10 seconds to create ends up going viral, yet a carefully planned out video flops – can you relate? Yeah, we get it, and so does Zack Grossman, the speaker from TikTok.

He confirmed what we were all wondering: there is a lot of trial and error involved with TikTok. Of course, hopping on trends is a great strategy, especially if you are hopping on the trends that suit your brand. It is also important to create evergreen content though. So the next time that you are coming up with your content plan for TikTok, make sure you add some content that will hold up for a long time.

4. Accessibility in Design

There was an amazing talk about accessibility in design by Maddie Alvarez of Evans Hunt. There is so much great information that was shared, but we will focus on a couple of our favourite takeaways.

Firstly, emojis are not great for people who use screen readers since they do not make much sense when read out loud and can be distracting from the actual message of the caption. Instead, it is recommended to use emojis at the end of a caption.

Secondly, hashtags are another area where marketers can increase their accessibility. Try using title case in your hashtags so that it is clear what you are trying to say.

Lastly, we were informed that embedding videos can sometimes change the accessibility, so make sure you always double-check the video!

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