Essential Tips for Remote Working

Welcome to the world of remote work life, where every day is casual Friday and your commute is just a short walk to your desk at home. As convenient as it sounds, working from the couch isn’t without its challenges—from keeping your productivity up to not turning into a workaholic hermit. So, whether you’re new to this or just looking to shake up your routine, this blog post is packed with down-to-earth tips and tricks to help you nail the remote work game.

Let’s dive into the essentials of making your work day work for you, keeping those tasks on track, and maintaining sanity without losing the cozy slippers. Here’s how the team at Unicorn Marketing not only copes, but thrives with remote working.

Hope’s tips for remote work life

Hope is the CEO and Founder of Unicorn Marketing, she always makes sure your experience with business thaaaangs always has a touch of magic. ⁠⁠She’s definitely an ambivert as you can find her in the front row of a packed crowd at a concert, and also at home snuggled up with a good book. 

Here’s how Hope passes her work days👇

“I was introduced to the Pomodoro timer and it has been a lifesaver! As I’m self diagnosed with ADHD, I find this technique helps me feel both centering and productive as I tackle one task at a time. By creating intentional goals for each stretch of work, I am easily falling into a flow of consistent work throughout my day.”

The Pomodoro Technique is a time based management method based on 25-minute stretches of focused work broken by five-minute breaks. Longer breaks, typically 15 to 30 minutes, are taken after four consecutive work intervals. Each work interval is called a pomodoro, the Italian word for tomato. Try the Pomofocus timer here!

Madison’s go to for remote working

You probably know Madison as she’s our Content Creation Specialist, in charge of all things copy, graphics for social media, and researching the latest trends on Instagram and Pinterest. When she isn’t online, Madison can be found outside kayaking or hiking, visiting a nearby art gallery, exploring new cities, trying new foods or sipping fancy cocktails.

Here’s what Madison says👇

“I try to make sure that I have a nutritional breakfast before I start work so that I do not want to get up and go into the kitchen looking for snacks. I make sure to have water and use the refills as the time to get up and walk around a little bit to give my body and eyes a break. I need some form of background noise while I work, so whether I work with people, turn on some sports in the background, or listen to a relaxing playlist.”

Daphne’s tips for remote work life

As our UX/UI designer, Daphne spends a ton of time behind a screen editing code. Her creative juices are flowing best when she’s reading code and plugging away at CSS. She’s a straight up format freeeak, and we love how her brain analyzes and outputs information. Daphne’s passion lies in complex problem solving using design thinking and human psychology.

Here’s what Daphne uses to get through the day👇

“I use something similar to the Pomodoro technique. I love long YouTube playlists with Deep House to vibe with, and I take a break during commercials.”

Tia’s go to for remote working

Tia is our go-to expert for e-mail marketing, website design, and all things SEO. She is the true definition of a Unicorn! She loves the outdoors and you can catch her either at the beach paddle boarding or planning her next trip to a National Park.

This is what Tia says works for her👇

“Jamming to coffee house music is my secret weapon for staying in the zone while working from home solo. I always need to have background noise, and this is my go-to playlist.

My standing desk is a total lifesaver. When I start feeling a bit sluggish, I just raise it up, and boom—instant energy boost. Plus, having a desk attachment for my Peloton keeps me moving and pumped up.. all while getting some work done!

Short walks with my dog are essential while working from home. Breaks of fresh air and movement rejuvenate both the mind and body!”

It’s all about what’s best for you!

Thriving in a remote work environment is all about finding what works best for you. Whether it’s mastering the art of the Pomodoro Technique, fuelling your day with a nutritious breakfast, or setting the mood with the perfect playlist, these personalized tips showcase that a successful remote work day is both an art and a science.

But now, we’d love to hear from you! What are your go-to strategies for making remote work effective and enjoyable? Share your favourite tips with us on Instagram! Let’s keep the conversation going and build a community of remote work champions, supporting each other to be more productive, balanced, and connected—no matter where our desks are located.

Remember, in the world of remote work, every day is an opportunity to redefine what it means to be productive. So, grab your coffee, set your schedule, and make each day your best work-from-home day yet!

Thanks for reading!

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