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Here at Unicorn Marketing Co., we have the privilege of working with some incredible creatives, entrepreneurs, and overall wonderful people! We want to highlight our creatives and their amazing businesses. Meet one of our lovely clients, Julie Barzman of The Mommy Codes!

Where It All Began

Julie was born and raised in France and moved to Los Angeles when she was eighteen years old. She has always been drawn to a life of glamour and adventure, and she’s blessed to say that she’s living it!

Once she met the love of her life and became a mama to her beautiful son, Oliver Kingsley, Julie encountered the new territory of being a mother feeling incredibly alone. Navigating the ways of motherhood without her own mother and mother-in-law was much harder than she had ever dreamed of. She had so many questions and fears. Julie couldn’t find that gentle and reassuring voice we all crave when we become a mother. So she created a space where this voice could be heard.

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Meet Julie

How did you first get started talking on the subject of motherhood and developing your brand, The Mommy Codes?

I first got started after I had my son Oliver and realized how postpartum took me for a surprising loop. It was still a “quiet” social media world on what I craved to talk about and have answers on through my own struggles. Everything was picture perfect and so were the constant advice out there- which led me to create the Mommy Codes. I actually had a blog as a teen and when I moved to Los Angeles based on relationships and psychology so blogging was the easy part.

Tell us about the process of building your own company. Would you have done anything differently?

I would have done some things I would have done quicker if it was not for my own limitations. I’m happy with how The Mommy Codes came to be. I spent hours perfecting my blog posts, learning about motherhood, and working on my social media account. It was very therapeutic.

Why do mothers respond so well to you? How do you bring authenticity to your work?

I try to be gentle and have a “happy-medium” personality with most things. It is not my intention to make anyone feel judged or ashamed of what they’re going through.

I truly believe every human experience is there to be experienced so I always do my best to put myself in someone else’s shoes, to come through the light of kindness and understanding. I’m pretty fair as well, I try to gather angles, situations, cultures, beliefs, relationships, work life etc before I give advice, I also give advice if I’m permitted, meaning I don’t barge in into someone’s consciousness to alter their motherhood choices.

What is gentle parenting? What tips would you share to mothers reading this on praising one’s children?

Gentle parenting is misunderstood by the term “gentle”.

Gentle parenting or heart centered parenting is essentially, to me, coming from a heart and brain development understanding, basically understanding humans better and especially children.

This goes beyond being “nice” to our kids. It is understanding human emotions, being in touch with our own emotions and triggers, understanding the effects we have on the moment but also later in life- whether they are positive or negative. Gentle also doesn’t negate non gentleness. It implies a constructive way to give boundaries or provide safe containers for undesirable emotions, from child or parent.

Yes obviously, we are all going to lose our shit once in a while. We’re humans but not all of us go back and reflect or even repair. Sometimes the outburst is not what’s the most hurtful for a child. It’s how we leave it. It’s the recurrence of events like screaming etc… I truly believe that most of us want to be the best version we can for our kids but sometimes as adults, we are dealing with bigger things, bigger feelings, bigger traumas that we never thought our children would push. Mix that life and schedules and lack of looking within… It can be a recipe for disaster.

I live to perceive gentle parenting as my own re-parenting. My daily guidance of the parent I thrive to be and continue to hopefully always be.

I have slip ups but I’ve also changed my mindset. I tell myself this every day and I know in my heart I’m doing my best. My goal is to try to translate life lessons, love, safety, health, boundaries as gently as possible.

Tell us about some holistic parenting practices.

Holistic parenting can start with simply looking for better ingredients in food, cleaning products. It also can mean being mindful of nature and herbs and how there’s much healthier ways to balance the body. Holistic, naturopathy, homeopathy are all ways to balance the body and when the body is balanced, that means that your organs, your overall health is functioning.

Can you tell us about what Motherhood Coaching is and why someone may be interested in this type of coaching?

Motherhood coaching is for anyone, even dads that are confused with anything stated above. These questions are an example of how these big topics have a lot more to them, a lot more to navigate, digest, apply and learn to love. I am passionate about all the things that can help us become better and feel better but it’s a no size fits all so that’s where mom coaching would be really helpful and more guided.

Tell us your thoughts on therapy as a family and why this is important.

I believe that therapy individually or as a family is essential. I am always very curious at how one might think they don’t need therapy. It is like shaking a bottle of champagne before opening it. It will explode and I’m a believer to turn to therapy when you don’t feel the intense need of needing it if that makes sense. We all have stuff to dig into. Anyone that will tell me they don’t. Unfortunately that is a lack of awareness that needs to be explored… But it can also be a very vulnerable stage and yet beautiful as most have truly changed their lives once they gently started healing. There’s also a lot of different therapies, again it’s not a one size fits all. Something that benefits me, won’t for someone else but in general any type of therapy, is to me merely self care.

What do you love most about The Mommy Codes and talking to other mothers?

Through The Mommy Codes I have had and still have very very impactful, vulnerable conversations with some that have created bonds that I cherish. Receiving messages of their wins or sometimes them seeking to confide in me makes me feel very humble and thankful because ultimately that was always my goal, was to create a safe space.

If there is one piece of advice you could share for mothers, what would it be?

Sheesh there are many and a lot will change with the season of life they’re in, but my biggest one would be to never ever underestimate the power of motherhood. It can be the most uplifting and also destructive and for that, my advice is to seek and learn about the life changes, to look into replenishing through healthy foods and balancing the mind and body, however that looks like but no let yourself drown. They are teeny ways every day to keep your hands on the wheels. It’s a matter of knowing how and finding your community.

How can people connect with you, Julie?

Instagram @juliebarzman

Facebook @themommycodes

TikTok @juliebarzman

Pinterest @themommycodes


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