4 Tips for More Effective Instagram Stories

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites for businesses, and there are so many different features within the app, such as Instagram stories. Each Instagram feature provides different opportunities for companies to share their information in fun, creative, and educational ways. 

Instagram stories have so many great functions and are a way to speak directly to customers with a number of different features.

4 Best Practices for Instagram Stories

01. Use Interactive Features

Think about using the vote button, quiz button, and question/answer buttons. These interactive elements not only allow you to get to know your audience, but this gives great insight into what your followers like. Lay these elements over brand photos or videos.

02. Consistency is Key

Post stories consistently and throughout the day. If you upload something new, your little profile picture will bump its way to the top of that coveted spot.

03. Save Instagram Stories as Highlights

Save important information as highlights. This is a great way for customers to find out about events, new products, services, and much more.

04. Use Hashtags in Your Instagram Stories

Use hashtags. You can hide hashtags by making them small and the same colour as the background or by putting a sticker overtop. You can also move them off the slide, same with tags (and it still works) you can rephrase this

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